Sunday Worship


At Doylestown Friends we meet for worship from 10:00 to 11:00 am on Sunday mornings in the Meeting House.  We seek to be receptive to the Spirit within ourselves and others. Some call the Spirit the light withinor God. When someone feels they are led by the Spirit to share an insight, a prayer, or a song they stand to do so.

Speaking (or singing) in this way is referred to as vocal ministry.  Our tradition suggest that we wait to speak until we feel certain our ministry is meant for the meeting community and not just for ourselves, that we honor each message with a few minutes of silence, speaking no more than once. At most meetings for worship, vocal ministry is offered; sometimes, however, the hour will pass without any.

The meeting for worship ends when the clerk (the person who facilitates our business meeting) shakes hands with another person. Then there is an opportunity for visitors to introduce themselves and for brief announcements, followed by a time of fellowship usually with light refreshments.

Seekers from any faith tradition, as well as those seeking community for the first time, are always welcome.