Childrens Program (First Day School)

Children stay with us in worship for the first 15 minutes. At 10:15, they are led to our lower level for an educational program, with supervised play provided for the youngest children. Children’s programs are provided by adult volunteers who have passed a state background check and are familiar with our child safety policies. Topics may include bible stories, Quaker history and belief, social justice issues, the environment, holiday projects, etc.

In the summer months the children are taken to a nearby playground while the adults are in worship.

If your child cries or is actively unhappy during the first 15 minutes of worship please feel free to take her or him out early, but we accept that fidgeting, whispering, or babbling is a child’s way of being in worship. If you do take your child out early someone will help you get to the lower level and stay with you.

Teacher Volunteers can sign up HERE.