Welcome To Doylestown Friends Meeting!

doylestownfriends_logo*Fall Update: Last In-Person Meeting For Worship IN THE MEETINGHOUSE of the season will be October 17. Walking Worship Starts October 24. Please see our Reopening Guidelines Document for more information*


The central belief of Quakers is that there is a spark of the Divine in every person. From that concept flows the traditional Quaker concerns for nonviolent conflict resolution, respect for each human being, and the belief in everyone’s ability to have a direct, living relationship with the Divine.

At Doylestown Friends we meet for worship on Sunday mornings in the Meeting House at 95 E. Oakland Avenue in Doylestown, PA. We seek to be receptive to the Spirit within ourselves and others. We are an open and inclusive community, and guests are welcome.

  • Meeting For Worship: 10 AM Sunday (Online Only Starting October 24, 2021)
  • Walking Worship: 10 AM Sunday – Front Yard Of Meetinghouse (Starts October 24, 2021)
  • Children’s Program: 10:15 AM Sunday (Currently held via Zoom Once Per Month – Email for more information)
  • Meeting For Business: 11:30 AM Second Sunday


We, the members of Doylestown Friends Meeting, acknowledge that we are a largely
Euro-American white community and we are committed to interrupting the pattern of
white privilege we inherited. We stand in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter
movement and embrace the diversity of all peoples and will act to break down
institutional racism.