DFM Committees

Committees Overview

Opportunities For Service (Download)

Doylestown Meeting has no paid staff, so the life of the meeting depends on voluntary involvement and commitment. The meeting’s committees ensure the continuity of the spiritual as well as the operational goals of the meeting.

Quaker decision making is grounded in the belief that when several people come together to labor in the Spirit they can discern a truth that exceeds the reach of any one individual. In making decisions Friends do not simply vote to determine the majority view, but rather they seek unity about the wisest course of action. Over time Friends have developed ways to conduct meetings that nurture and support this corporate discernment process.

To be effective, Quaker process requires that everyone come ready to participate fully by sharing their experiences and knowledge, by listening respectfully to the experiences and knowledge brought by others, and by remaining open to new insights and ideas. This powerful combination of grounded experience and spiritual openness, rationality and faith, allows a deeper truth to emerge. When everyone present is able to recognize the same truth the meeting has reached unity. The clerk’s job is to sense emerging truth and labor with those present to put that truth into words.

Individual Roles:
Doylestown Jobs Roster (Download)

Provides general oversight of meeting activities, facilitates meetings for business, encourages new programs of special and standing committees and coordin-ates directions to meet long-term objectives
Clerk, Assistant
First Day School Coordinator
Newsletter Editor
Summer Activities Coordinator
Treasurer – Maintains the Meeting’s financial records
Treasurer, Assistant


Communications Committee
Administrates communications platforms, assists committees with support in the use of technical systems, establishes and documents systems and procedures, attends to security and privacy requirements

Education & Conference Committee
Disburses monies to assist children who attend Quaker schools and children and adults who wish to participate in Quaker experiences such as camps and conferences

Finance Committee
Oversees financial health of the Meeting, establishes annual budget and communicates financial needs and responsibilities to the Meeting community

Hospitality Committee
Makes sure food and beverages are available and appropriately presented for any Meeting-sponsored activity and event held at the meetinghouse

Ministry & Outreach Committee
Maintains communications within and outside of our Meeting community; ministers to, stimulates and supports a strong meeting community; reaches out to the wider geographical community

Nominating Committee
Encourages the participation of all members and attenders in the “work” of the Meeting through its committees and, for the wider Quaker world, positions at the quarterly and yearly meeting level.

Pastoral Concerns Committee
Oversees membership matters including joining or leaving Doylestown Monthly Meeting; provides pastoral care for the individuals and families of the Meeting community; assists with or oversees confidential personal issues.

Peace & Social Concerns Committee
Provides peace and social concerns education and awareness both within and beyond the Meeting community; provides opportunities to give attention to and understand the many dimensions of the Quaker peace testimony.

Property Committee
Maintains the meetinghouse and grounds; engages the Meeting community to assist in these duties where feasible

Worship & Religious Education Committee
Concerns itself with programs that encourage the spirtual growth of adults and children in the Meeting community.

Directors of the Corporation
Board of the Corporation (Doylestown Monthly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends) – Fulfills the legal requirements of an incorporated entity

Individual Service:

In addition, individuals from Doylestown Friends Meeting serve the wider Quaker community in the following roles:

  • Buckingham Friends School Committee
  • Bucks Quarterly Meeting Outreach Committee
  • Chandler Hall Auxiliary Representative
  • Chandler Hall Nursing Home Board Member
  • Committee of Oversight for Bucks Quarter Coordinator
  • Friends Home & Village Committee
  • Friends Camp Association of Bucks Quarterly Meeting
  • Nominating and Budget Committee, Bucks Quarterly Meeting
  • United Friends School Committee
  • Philadelphia Yearly Meeting Annual Appeal Representative
  • PYM Interim Meeting Representative