Meetinghouse Rental

Those wishing to use the meetinghouse space for events not directly sponsored by Doylestown Monthly Meeting must apply in writing for permission, receive approval by the Meetinghouse, provide a donation (rates vary) and keep with the procedures covered by a written agreement between the Meeting and the responsible party. Please see the fee schedule at the bottom of this page.

To request use of the meetinghouse, your first step is to complete the contact form below. Once you do, a representative from the meeting will contact you.

Current Fee Schedule:

The Meeting does not charge the organizing group to use the meetinghouse for free activities, although we appreciate a contribution to the Meeting to help defray our operating costs. A typical contribution for a small group activity is $15 per diem. At the discretion of DFM, in support of our testimonies, the fee may be waived upon request.

For fee-based activities, DFM charges a fee, which should accompany the signed Facilities Use Agreement and proof of insurance. For groups of 10 people or less, the fee is $50 per diem. For groups between 11 and 50 people larger than 10 people, the fee is $100 per diem. For groups over 50 people, the fee is $200 per diem.

For marriages, commitment ceremonies, and memorial services (not under the care of the Meeting), the fee is $200 per diem.

The kitchen facilities in the basement are available for use at an additional fee of $100 per diem. All dishes, cutlery, pots and pans must be cleaned, dried and stored. Groups must provide all their own supplies, including but not limited to food, condiments, soap and paper products; please do not use the Meeting’s supplies. All food and trash must be removed after each event.